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Ronald H. Israelski, MD
Ronald H. Israelski, MD
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Clearing Up Misconceptions of Same Day Surgery Centers

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April 10, 2013


Middletown, NY — Not many years ago, most surgical procedures required several days and nights in the hospital. But, thanks to advances in same day surgery procedures and technology, patients today can have surgery in the morning and be home to their family by dinner time. Many people, however, are still hesitant to have surgery as an outpatient.

In Orange County, NY, patients have a number of same-day surgery options that include divisions of local hospital and stand-alone centers dedicated to ambulatory surgery procedures. One of those centers, nationally accredited Hudson Valley Ambulatory Surgery (HVAS),   provides their patients with the ins and outs of what to expect from ambulatory surgery and helps them decide whether same day surgery is right for them.

“An important part of our job as doctors is to help patients make the best decisions for treatment,” says Virginia Feldman, MD, CASC, Governing Chair at HVAS. “We’ve learned that people have a lot of misconceptions about same day surgery, and often don’t realize that it is often preferable to having their surgical procedure performed in the hospital.  When the myths are debunked, the majority of patients will opt for ambulatory surgery.

Myth: Same day surgery is more expensive.
Fact: In most cases, a same day surgical procedure will cost less and eliminates the expense of staying overnight in the hospital.

Myth: A same day surgical center is not in my network.
Fact: Same day surgical centers participate in many insurance plans in-network.

Myth: Same day surgical centers are not well-regulated.
Fact: Organizations such as the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care inspect and accredit centers such as Hudson Valley Ambulatory Surgery to ensure that they meet specific standards of care.

Myth: Patients are rushed out before they are ready to be discharged.
Fact: Outpatient surgery patients are closely monitored for readiness to be discharged. It is very rare that a patient is not well enough to go home and needs to be transferred to a hospital.

Myth: Same day surgical centers perform limited types of surgery.
Fact: Many types of surgery, including procedures on the knee, foot, shoulder, wrist, eye, ear, nose, throat, and spine, are performed successfully on an outpatient basis.

Myth: An ambulatory surgical center does not feel as “safe” as surgery in a hospital.
Fact: Studies have shown potential for site infection in ambulatory surgery centers is significantly less than that of a hospital.

Hudson Valley Ambulatory Surgery, LLC, is located at 75 Crystal Run Road, Suite 225, Middletown, NY 10941. For additional information, please call 845-692-9900.




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