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Bradley Wiener, MD
Bradley Wiener, MD
Bradley Wiener, MD
Bradley Wiener, MD
Bradley Wiener, MD, specializes in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, and arthroscopic surgery, at Hudson Valley Ambulatory Surgery, where he focuses on complex shoulder and knee conditions.
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Scheduler FAQs

Q: How do I schedule patient procedures?

A: Please fill out the scheduling request form, fax it to our office, and follow up by phone to discuss and confirm. Because turnover time is faster and downtime is shorter for surgical rooms at Hudson Valley Ambulatory Surgery, surgeons have more flexibility in scheduling their procedures and get a quick response to their scheduling requests.

Q: Which screening tests and blood work need to be ordered before surgery?

A: Hudson Valley Ambulatory Surgery requires the following:

Female patients ages 12 to 55 must undergo pregnancy screening unless there is a medical history of hysterectomy.

Additional testing generally is not required for healthy patients under 60 years of age.

Patients 60 years of age and older must undergo a preoperative CBC and EKG.

Additional testing is suggested as indicated by the patient’s medical condition. Please see our Anesthesia Guidelines for Preoperative Testing and NPO [link to Anesthesia Guidelines for Preoperative Testing and NPO] for additional information.

Q: Where should patients be sent for preoperative lab work?

A: All preoperative lab work must be completed within a week of surgery by whichever lab you usually use. Please provide patients with completed, signed prescriptions for any tests to ensure that testing is completed prior to surgery.




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